Sun Ce

Sun Ce
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Bofu
A.K.A. Little Conqueror
Lifespan 175–200 A.D. (25 Years)
Birth Place Fuchun County, Wu Prefecture
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Spear, Tonfas


[edit] Background

Sun Ce, Son of Sun Jian and older brother to Sun Quan and Sun Shang Xiang. He is known as 'the Little Conqueror' in many warring states. He regained the land of Wu his father once ruled over and used it as his base for gaining further control over the land.

[edit] Popular Culture

In popular culture the Sun family are believed to be the decedents of the legendary strategist Sun Tzu (who wrote the 'Art of War') However there is no proof of this and only claims have been made to this day.

[edit] Alliance against the yellow turbans

During the Yellow Turban Rebellion the Han Empire sent out a call for various regional lords to attack the growing rebellion, it was Sun Ce that suggested his father go and show them the might of the Sun family. Reluctantly, Sun Jian accepted Ce's suggestion and gathered an army together to face the rebellion. With Sun Ce as second in command, Sun Jian's army met with the Han imperial Commander He Jin who allocated them to control the center rebellion. During this time Sun Jian found out the leader behind the Rebellion in the center of China was Zhang Jiao's brother Zhang Liang, who turns a number of Sun Jian's forces against there former leader. It was only through Sun Ce's might and charisma that some of the defectors were reclaimed. Undaunted, Sun Jian foiled Zhang Liang's plan causing Han Dang to defect and routed the center rebellion. Only when Zhang Jiao died did they find his brother whom Sun Ce killed with one blow.

[edit] The Imperial Seal And Yaun Shu

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[edit] The Little conquerer

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[edit] Assault on Liu Biao

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[edit] Death And Respect

He eventually suffered a wound while hunting which never healed and brought his death. It is also believed that a magician mocking Sun Ce cursed him as Sun Ce killed him while holding him in a headlock bringing him back to be put on trial.

Before his timely death, Cao Cao ruler of the north, feared Sun Ce's youth and might. Many believe Sun Ce may have been the one to end Cao Cao's rule.

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