Sun Jian

Sun Jian
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Wentai
A.K.A. The Tiger of Jiang Dong
Lifespan 155–191 A.D. (36 Years)
Birth Place Fuchun County, Wu Prefecture
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Scimitar


[edit] History

[edit] Background

Sun Jian (Wentai) ( 155 AD - 191 AD ) was a descendant of the famous strategist, Sun Tzu. When he was only seventeen years of age, Sun Jian scared off a group of pirates that were plundering the town, earning him respect and renown. He was later recommended for office and ended up quelling a small rebellion that broke out. He was appointed magistrate of Xia Pi for these duties. Sun Jian played an important role in the beginnings of the Kingdom of Wu. He located the valuable Imperial Seal, which his son used to gain troops and set the foundations for the Kingdom of Wu.

[edit] The Yellow Turban Rebellion

When hearing of the breakout of a rebellion lead by Zhang Jiao, Sun Jian gathered up a small force from the local townspeople consisting of approximately 1,500 men. He left with his small force and arrived at Wancheng to aid Imperial Commander Zhu Jun and a volunteer force lead by Liu Bei. Eventually, Sun Jian and many other regional lords ended up crushing the rebellion. For his efforts, Sun Jian was promoted to Governor of Changsha.

[edit] The Battle of Si Shui Gate

When Dong Zhuo rose to power, Cao Cao called upon many of the local lords to join in a coalition against the tyrant. Yuan Shao lead this coalition and Sun Jian happened to be one of the men that was called on to aid in defeating Dong Zhuo. When the time came to decide, Sun Jian offered to be the van leader of the coalition. He brought with him four generals; Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, Han Dang, and Zu Mao, and lead his force ahead of the rest of the allied army, attacking Si Shui Gate. After some time, Sun Jian sent messengers to Yuan Shu to ask for more supplies because his army was running low on food. But Yuan Shu decided not to send him any supplies because he didn't want Sun Jian to take all of the credit for the battle. So, with Sun Jian's forces starving, Hua Xiong, the leader for Dong Zhuo's Forces at Si Shui Gate, planned a raid on Sun Jian's camp. Hua Xiong engaged Sun Jian himself while Li Ru, another officer under Hua Xiong, came in through the back of Sun Jian's camp and burned it to the ground. Sun Jian, desperate to escape, gave his general, Zu Mao, his noticeable purple turban so that the enemy would think he was Sun Jian. This plan worked and Zu Mao was slain by Hua Xiong while Sun Jian escaped with his other generals back to Yuan Shao.

[edit] The Imperial Seal

After Dong Zhuo burned the capital, Sun Jian and his forces made camp in Luo Yang and extinguished the flames. Here, he discovered the famous Imperial Seal inside a wall and secretly kept it as his own. He decided that, after finding such a valuable item, he should pretend that he is sick and leave the coalition in order to better hide the treasure. But, Yuan Shao found out about this discovery and tried to stop him. At this time, Sun Jian made an oath to Yuan Shao, saying that if he was hiding the Imperial Seal, then his death would be violent. this oath made Yuan Shao hesitant and Sun Jian was able to swiftly get away. But, Yuan Shao still sent a message to Liu Biao, ordering him to stop Sun Jian from returning home. Sun Jian repeated the oath to Liu Biao, who withdrew his main army. But although Liu Biao withdrew, Sun Jian still suffered heavy losses from an attack lead by Cai Mao and Kuai Yue, two of Liu Biao's generals.

[edit] The Death of Sun Jian

[edit] Mobilizing

After the coalition finally broke up, Yuan Shu sent a letter to Sun Jian asking him to attack Liu Biao. Sun Jian accepted the request only because he wanted revenge against Liu Biao for baring his way home. So, Sun Jian gathered an army and he sailed to Xia Kou with his generals Huang Gai, Cheng Pu, Han Dang, and his son Sun Ce. Although his brother attempted to dissuade him from attacking, Sun Jian still persisted, ignoring his brother's wishes for vengeance.

[edit] Battle at Xia Kou

Sun Jian's Forces were met by Liu Biao's general, Huang Zu and a small force. Sun Jian, determined to crush Liu Biao, came up with a plan to defeat Huang Zu. He ordered his men to stay inside the ships while Huang Zu shot arrows at them for three days. When Huang Zu was out of arrows, Sun Jian's men came out of their boats and landed on the shore. Huang Zu sent out Zhang Hui and Sun Jian sent out Han Dang. The two dueled and when one of Zhang Hui's fellow officers, Chen Sheng saw that his ally was struggling, he went out to assist. But, Sun Jian shot Chen Sheng in the face, killing him, and allowing Han Dang to finish off Zhang Hui. Cheng Pu then rode up in an attempt to capture Huang Zu, who fled with his army back to Liu Biao in Xiang Yang.

[edit] A Bad Omen

Sun Jian advanced his army to the Xian Hills, where Cai Mao arrived to give challenge with 10,000 troops. Cheng Pu rode out and dueled the general, defeating him, and causing his army to retreat back to Xiang Yang as well. Sun Jian now had the upper hand and surrounded the city of Xiang Yang. At this time, a large wind blew over one of Sun Jian's flags and Huang Gai said that it was an ill omen and they should withdraw. But Sun Jian, again, ignored the advice of his allies and sieged the walls even harder than before. But Liu Biao received word of this omen and decided to send for help from Yuan Shao to finish Sun Jian.

[edit] The Ambush

Liu Biao's general, Lu Gong, offered to take the letter to Yuan Shao and brought 500 men with him to break through Sun Jian's lines. They hid in the woods in the Xian Hills and Sun Jian, hearing that the enemy had left Xiang Yang, immediately rode with thirty men to chase after Lu Gong. Sun Jian rode fast and far ahead of his allies and came up to Lu Gong. The two dueled very shortly and Lu Gong fled farther into the woods. Sun Jian again gave chase, but soon lost track of Lu Gong. At this time, Lu Gong's men dropped boulders down the hills and killed Sun Jian.

[edit] Retrieving The Body

Sun Jian's son, Sun Ce, was saddened by his father's death and would not return home without his body, which the enemy had. But, Sun Ce's men had captured Huang Zu and Huang Gai proposed that Sun Ce trade the prisoner for Sun Jian's body. The trade worked successfully and Sun Jian's former forces returned home to mourn their loss.

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