Taishi Ci

Taishi Ci
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Ziyi
A.K.A. N/A
Lifespan 169-209 A.D. (40 Years)
Birth Place Huang County, Dong Lai
Kingdom Wu
Weapon Tonbo-giri

Taishi Ci was a Wu officer known for his immense battle prowess and unswerving loyalty. Before he ended up in Wu, he served several warlords, including Gongsun Du, Kong Rong, and Liu Yao.


[edit] Game Appearances

Taishi Ci first appeared in the original Dynasty Warriors game and has appeared in every Dynasty Warriors since.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors

DW1 premiere of Taishi Ci
In Dynasty Warriors, Taishi Ci wields the two striking rods he'd carry for most of the series. No thicker than aluminum baseball bats, Taishi Ci uses his weapons to drum opponents into submission. Although they appear meek, they are quite heavy as revealed in Lu Xun's victory cinema. Taishi Ci lends the young strategist his rods to practice with only to result in nearly getting his head crushed seconds later. Lu Xun cannot control the momentum and launches a rod into a wall like a bunker-buster missile.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 3

The Taishi Ci of Dynasty Warriors 3 is very morose and not very talkative. He sounds and acts like a calmer Lu Bu, which is rightfully so with his high-damage attack thrusts able to send warriors flying across the battlefield.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 5

Dynasty Warriors 5 Taishi Ci reserves a deep respect and loyalty to Sun Ce. In fact, his ending movie is a eulogy for the deceased Little Conqueror:

“Sun Ce. Behold. This is the new world we fought to create. The long battle has ended. May our weapons rest along with the souls of the dead. Farewell!... For now!”

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 6

In Dynasty Warriors 6, Taishi Ci underwent a change. His twin rods were replaced by a large spear not unlike Tadakatsu Honda's Tonbo Giri. Saddled with a cloned moveset (he shared the Spear set with Ma Chao, Zhang He, and Sun Ce) and no story mode, Taishi Ci was effectively relegated to the sidelines.

[edit] Dynasty Warriors 6: Special

Taishi Ci in DW6:Special
Taishi Ci returns to form in Dynasty Warriors 6: Special. His unique weapon restored, the Wu officer appears to have a new attack pattern with his pulverizing poles. Familiar combos of Dynasty Warriors 5 and below are left behind for a new renbu-infused move set. No longer a clone, Taishi Ci also emerges from the bleak mist of Free-Mode-only purgatory into the bright future of his own story mode detailing his career and adventures.

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