The Shop SW2


[edit] Introduction

The one-stop shop for being a samurai warrior. It is located in the stage select menu in Story Mode and Free Mode. Here you can purchase bodyguards, horses, skills, and weapon upgrades. All the gold you earn in battle or in Suguroku should be used here to improve your character and help you get the tactical advantage. Drop by when there is a sale and get a good discount on some items

[edit] Guards

Main Article: Bodyguards SW2

You don't have to go it alone. Hire a bodyguard and let him or her help you defeat the chaos and unify Japan. Guards come in ten types with a total of 54 individuals to collect. Many of the bodyguards are named after historical figures and two of them are special unique NPCs Kojiro Sasaki and Katsuie Shibata.

[edit] Mounts

The Shop has a wide variety of horses, fourteen in total. From tired mares to average ponies to exceptional stallions, you can find a steed that will fit your play style and price range.

Chesnut - 800G

Stone Hoof - 800G

Ashen Wind - 800G

Gold Rush - 1800G

Mochizuki - 1800G

Phantom Gray - 1800G

Hell Shade - 3200G

Kohibari - 3200G

Pale Cloud - 5000G

Ink Stone - 5000G

Red Wood - 5000G

Matsukaze - 7200G

Keiji Maeda's horse, one of the fastest and most powerful trample-damaging steed.

Moon Child - 7200G

This steed makes you unable to be knocked-off the saddle.

Complete Shopkeeper's Escort on Floor 71 in Survival Mode to unlock it.

Persian Mare - 7200G

Masamune Date's horse. This steed deals fire damage when you hit an enemy.

Complete Transport Rescue on Floor 71 in Survival Mode to unlock it.

[edit] Skills

Main Article: Skills SW2

Unlike Dynasty Warriors that requires the player to equip stat-enhancing items, Samurai Warriors 2 offers a complete set of skills to develop through battle experience. Skills can be purchased at the Shop or learned on the battlefield by defeating certain officers. There are four categories of skill.

[edit] Weapons

Basically this part of the shop allows you to upgrade your weapon. Which upgrades are available vary from character to character. Simply take a weapon you have found on the battlefield and pay for new modifiers to increase its stats. You can even infuse new elements to the weapon.

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