Wu Zhang Plains

[edit] Background

Zhuge Liang knew that he didn't have much time to draw out the battle with the Wei forces, due to his deteriorating health, so he attempted to lure Sima Yi out by insulting both him and Wei. This did not work, as Sima Yi was not phased by Zhuge Liang's pitiful attempt to draw him into combat. Zhuge Liang soon passed away, and command of Shu's forces shifted to Jiang Wei, who ordered the army's withdrawal. Sensing Zhuge Liang's death, Sima Yi ordered his troops to attack the Shu forces, but was easily fooled by a dummy dressed up to resemble Zhuge Liang, and pulled back his troops out of fear - this allowed the Shu troops to withdraw.

[edit] Role in the Series

The Battle of Wu Zhang Plains has traditionally been the final battle of Zhuge Liang's northern campaign. This battle pits the forces of Shu and Wei against one another, with forces being led by commanders Zhuge Liang (Shu) and Sima Yi (Wei).

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