Xiahou Dun

Xiahou Dun
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name Yuanrang
A.K.A. N/A
Lifespan 158-220 (62 years)
Birth Place Qiao County, Pei
Weapon Spiked club at the end of a spear

[edit] History

[edit] Backgound

Xiahou Dun ( Yuanrang ) (158-220 AD ) Cousin to Cao Cao and brother to Xiahou Yuan. He was one of the first generals under Cao Cao. During a campaign against Lu Bu, he was shot in his left eye by Cao Xing, and later speared him in the face.

[edit] The Wounded Eye

In 198 AD, Cao Cao organized a campaign against Lu Bu with Xiahou Dun, Xiahou Yuan, Lu Qian, and Li Dian with fifty thousand soldiers. Xiahou Dun's troops went out to fight with Gao Shun, an officer of Lu Bu. The two warriors fought and crossed each other 40 - 50 times. Gao Shun started to head back to his army, and Xiahou Dun followed. Cao Xing tracked Xiahou Dun with a bow and arrow, and shot him in the left eye. Xiahou Dun cried out in pain and plucked out the arrow, with his eye still attached to the arrow's point. Saying "The essence of my parents cannot be thrown away," he swallowed his eye. Xiahou Dun gave chase to Cao Xing and speared him in the face.

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