Yellow Turban Rebellion


[edit] History

The  Yellow Turban Rebellion is the first level in all but one of the Dynasty Warriors games, and is the first major event in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms book.  The leader of the rebellion is Zhang Jiao, along with his brothers, Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang.

[edit] The Start

At a time of corruption in the courts, rebellious groups began to rise up quickly around China. One such rebellion was known as the Yellow Turban Rebellion, or the Yellow Scarves Rebellion, led by three brothers: Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao, and Zhang Liang. One day while Zhang Jiao was traveling, he saw an old man, who summoned him into a cave.  In the cave, the old man gave Zhang Jiao a book in three volumes, called "Essential Arts for the Millennium."  When the old man was asked for his name, he replied with "The Old Hermit From Mount Hua Summit - Zhuang Zi, the Taoist sage."  Over the next while, Zhang Jiao became known as the Great Teacher of the Way of Peace (a religious sect) and gained thousands of followers.  The brothers realized their opportunity to seize control of the troubled empire, and began planning for the uprising.  Yellow banners were made, a date was set, Zhang Jiao proclaimed himself the "General of Heaven", Zhang Bao the "General of the Earth", and Zhang Liang the "General of Men".
It was not long before the Imperial Courts foresaw the impending rebellion and issued a massive call to arms. Volunteer units were in high demand. Many men saw the rebellion as an opportunity to prove themselves, and the Imperial Army swelled.

[edit] In Dynasty Warriors 7

In this game, the campaign is split into two parts. In both parts, the player plays as the same person; Liu Bei for Shu, Xiahou Dun for Wei and Sun Jian for Wu. The two leading officers are He Jin for the Allied Forces and Zhang Jiao for the Yellow Turbans. The first part of the stage is simple: you and another officer of your kingdom must rescue an allied generic officer by defeating two enemy generic officers.
Part two is treated as moreof an actual battle. The player begins, in a base, like in every other battle in the game, where they are immediately faced with three enemy officers; Guan Hai, Yan Zheng and Zhang Yan. Once these are all defeated, Turban reinforcements, led by Chen Yuanzhi and Deng Mao, attack the Eastern Village.
Once the player reaches a steep slope, Zhang Liang casts a spell and sends boulders rolling down. These boulders do high damge, and so the plyer has to be agile to avoid them when they climb the slope. Also, other officers and troops may attempt to reach the top, taking heavy damage. The player must therefore stop the boulders quickly.
Once at the top, the player must defeat Zhang Liang to end the spell. This will allow the rest of the army to reach the top and continue fighting. Once the player has reached another steep hill, Zhang Bao (Zhang Liang and Zhang Jiao's brother) casts a speel so that the wind prevents anyone from climbing further. The player must go West and find a Climbable Cliff to climb. Once at the top, the player is faced with the enemy officer Liu Pi. Once through him, the player can attack Zhang Bao from the West. Similarly to his brother, Zhang Bao's defeat results in the ending of his spell.
If the player continues moving East, they find a stage of sorts, where Zhang Jiao, the leader of the Turbans and the only non-generic general in that army, is waiting. In the ensuing fight, fire bursts from the floors, damaging the player. In order to stop this, the player must bestroy all four cauldrons in the corners of the stage.
After Jiao has been defeated, he gives the player a personal message based on their character before he dies.

[edit] Aftermath

After this battle, the already-weak Imperial court begins losing strength, and power-hungry warlords rise up to take over...

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