Yuan Shu

Yuan Shu is the younger cousin of Yuan Shao, and a warlord during the Three Kingdoms period. He joined his cousin to fight against Dong Zhuo, but after continues quarreling, the two were never again on good terms.

[edit] Emperor Shu

Over the next few years, Yuan Shu was constantly defeated by both Cao Cao and Yuan Shao. In 197, he proclaimed himself emperor of the brief Zhong Dynasty. He took in Sun Ce during this time, but because Yuan was a very arrogant person, he lost Sun, and many other officers and troupes.

[edit] Death

Because of the lose of his armies, Yuan Shu continued to suffer defeat from Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Lu Bu. He attempted to rejoin his cousin, Yuan Shao, but while en route to meet with Yuan Tan, was again defeated by Liu Bei, and died from his grief.

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