Zhen Ji

Zhen Ji
Character Model (DW6)
Styled Name N/A
A.K.A. The Illustrious of the Civilizing Emperor
Lifespan 183–221 A.D. (38 Years)
Birth Place Wuji, Zhongshan
Weapon Iron Whip

Zhen Ji is seen as an equisite beauty, of the highest rank. She has been in the Dynasty Warriors franchise since Dynasty Warriors 3, where she wielded a Flute, however in Dynasty warriors 6 Her weapon was Changed to a Whip.

She was originally the wife Yuan Shao's son Yuan Xi, but nearing the end of the Yunas, Cao Pi saw her beauty and quickly made her his wife. It is not well described how happy they were together, in history but in the game, Zhen Ji is a woman bored of staying home, while her husband does all the fighting, and therefore decides to tag along. In the battle of Jie Ting and and He fei castle in Dynasty warriors 5, she has a cut-scene of her and Cao Pi fighting along side each other, in one an arrow is about to hit Cao Pi and she jumps to knock the arrow out of its destination, Cao Pi follows up to say that her act was uncalled for.

In her ending Sequence she and Cao Pi look at to the troops, and Cao Pi says that he has done all he has for her.

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